Friday, 31 August 2012

Sixth Sense - A Wearable Gestural Interface Device

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SixthSense has revolutionised the way in which we interact with the digital world by breaking the confines of the physical world and the digital world. We all humans have five senses with this sixthsense we tend to be more human, more attached to the physical world.The mastermind behind SixthSense device is Pranav Mistry of Indian origin a PhD student at MIT Media Lab.


SixthSense device is a wearable gestural interface device which augments the physical world around us with the digital information by the use of gestures. Only the prototype model of SixthSense is released for $350. This prototype model of SixthSense runs on Windows platform and most of the code is written in C++ and C# and it is being developed for other platforms like Linux and yet the mobile version of this model is to be released.

SixthSense device uses coloured fingertips as markers. As of now the prototype model of this device comes with four colous Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Most of the applications are run using these four colours.
SixthSense device consists of a Camera, Projector,Mirror, Coloured caps and Smartphone(or laptop/desktop). The Camera acts as digital eye of this device and Projector helps in projecting on to a particular surface with the help of the Mirror.Coloured caps are used as markers which are used in colour recognition. The Camera captures the gestures made in front of it and it is processed as binary images by the SmartPhone with the help of numerous complex algorithms and the relevant information related to the gesture is projected by the projector on any interface.

For example if you do a Namaste gesture(It is a spiritual way of greeting in India) in front of the Camera, application menu is opened and we can select a particular application by hand click gesture.You can take pics by just making a gesture of taking the pic. As the code is made Open Source we can make changes to the device and make it work in diffrent gestures from the original ones.

There are numerous applications which have been developed and also numerous applications are being developed by the SixthSense team. Let's see some applications which have made this SixthSense device talk of the town.


You can check time by just drawing a circle on your wrist and a analog clock is projected by the projector on your wrist and it disappears when you just strike over it.


You can make use of your palm as a virtual keypad to make a call instead of taking your cell from your pocket.


Using SixthSense device reading newspaper had never been so outdated. You can actually view videos of the articles which you are reading on the newspaper.


SixthSense device not only recognizes gestures but also objects. It gives you reviews and ratings of the objects which you are holding in your hand by matching it with millions of objects available online.It can also give you information about your flight status by displaying the details of your flight. 

It can also recognize people and display information about them.You can organize your pics by projecting them on any interface and edit them and you can mail your friend those pics. And you can draw using this device on any wall or any interface by just using your gestures.

You can also use a piece of paper as a tablet using this device, you can watch movies, play games and do many more things to make your workflow easy.Here you can find the code and detailed procedure on how to build the SixthSense device.